How to Refer a Patient or Order Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)?

At Reproductive Genetic Innovations it is our goal to provide families with the best chance at having a healthy baby, working with reproductive endocrinologists and other IVF clinicians for optimal patient care and to support patients and their families along the way. Start the referral process, by completing a requisition form.


Please Complete the RGI Requisition Form below

Send referral information through the PGT requisition form below prior to the start of an IVF cycle. For patients who are pursuing PGT-M for a single gene condition or PGT-SR for a translocation/chromosomal rearrangement, please provide a copy of their genetic reports.

Requisition Form

If this is your first time working with RGI? Please complete a Center Registration Form

First Time working with RGI?

We  welcome the opportunity to work with your center. To get started we’ll need the most current information about your center via a Center Registration Form

Once we have your information on file, we recommend a biopsy dry run for quality control and logistics.

Dry run instructions and worksheet can be found here.

Our team is here to ensure workflow does not interfere with patient care. Onboarding calls can be scheduled with our team at your convenience.

Make sure to ask about our provider portal for electronic ordering and live status updates.

Instruct Patients to schedule a complimentary Phone Consultation and PGT Counseling

Genetic Counseling is necessary for every PGT-M, PGT-SR and PGT-HLA case and is recommended for PGT-A patients as well. Counseling is provided at no extra cost to patients by an on-site, licensed genetic counselor, available to discuss PGT testing options with your patients and help guide them every step of the way. Result interpretation calls are also available upon request.

PGT Counseling

Coordinate with the RGI Team and Share Updates on Day of Retrieval

You can contact our clinical team to report updates via email. Contact information will be provided upon your first referral. A provider portal is also available for electronic orders and updates.

Contact Us

Send Embryo Biopsies to RGI

We partner with certified medical couriers and monitor transit status to ensure safe, reliable and expedited sending of samples.

Don’t forget to complete and include a biopsy worksheet with your shipment back to RGI.

New embryologist on staff? Lets do a dry run!

Contact the RGI team with any questions or concerns.

Typically, PGT results are ready within 7 to 10 business days and are reported directly to the IVF physician. Once results are understood, the process of embryo selection can begin to determine which are most suitable for transfer and implantation. Remaining frozen embryos are kept cryo-preserved and readily available for future embryo transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get/request a biopsy kit?

Just send us a request:

Request Form

Please be sure we have all the necessary paperwork for the patient prior to sending your request.

I’m an embryologist, where can I find the micromanipulation sheet?

We will send a sheet with all kits. If you’ve lost yours, or prefer to complete the form online. You can do that here:

Micromanipulation Form

What if there is an urgent matter regarding a patient over the weekend of after regular business hours? 

RGI offers 24/7 support for urgent matters with our on-call genetic counselor. Centers are provided contact information for emergencies. This information is also available by calling our main number 847-400-1515. If you are a registered center with RGI, please refer to your contact sheet. You can register with RGI here:

Center Registration Form. 

What if the embryologist has questions about biopsy? 

Will my patient or patient’s family need to undergo any testing before starting the PGT set-up? 

For any single gene or translocation testing, we need a report with a documented mutation or rearrangement. If the patient has only been diagnosed clinically, we will need them to undergo genetic testing. For some single-gene cases (ex. Fragile X syndrome) we may need to have other family members undergo genetic testing. We will inform the patient of any such requirements during the inquiry, prior to a consult. 

Is my center responsible for coordinating any part of the PGT set-up process (for single gene cases or rearrangements that require set-up)? 

We typically coordinate directly with the patient and will send the DNA Collection Kit for set-up directly to them. We currently don’t accept blood samples. However, if a blood sample is requested, patients may find it easier to coordinate a blood draw through your office and contact you to set this up. We provide packing for easy shipping back to us. If you prefer the kit to be sent directly to you, please let us know. We are happy to coordinate all of the consents, samples and payment/insurance authorizations directly with the patient. 

What is your batching protocol? 

We prefer that biopsy samples be batched at your facility until they are ready to undergo testing. If you do not have a -70˚ C freezer to store these samples, we can hold samples at RGI for patients that have been registered with us for PGT and the patient will be responsible for a $500 annual storage fee (per batch). Please contact RGI for details. 

Who is responsible for shipping biopsy samples to RGI? 

We typically request that the IVF center coordinate shipping and we do not have a preferred courier. Fresh transfers must be shipped same day delivery and frozen transfers can be shipped either same day or next day delivery Monday through Thursday. Please do not send frozen cases on Friday or over the weekend. Any single gene and/or aCGH cases should be on dry ice or cold packs. 

Is a Day 6 transfer possible for Day 5 biopsies?

We can only offer Day 6 transfers for local centers because we must receive the samples by 11 am on Day 5. All non-local centers must do a Day 5/6 biopsy and freeze all samples. Under specific circumstances, RGI can accommodate the request for PGT-M on a Day 3 biopsy for a Day 5/6 transfer. These cases are extremely time-sensitive. Therefore, if approved, RGI would need to be made aware ahead of time in order to have technicians on-site to process the case upon receipt. This would include weekends, and patients have historically incurred a $500 Rush fee.

What follow-up information do you need once results are sent?

For fresh transfer, please let us know which embryos were transferred and which were frozen. For any frozen transfers, please let us know the date of the FET and which embryos were transferred and which remain frozen. For all transfers, please keep us updated with the results of the initial pregnancy test and whether the pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. 

Will you be billing the patient directly for PGT services? 

Yes, we will bill the patient directly and work with them to obtain insurance authorization for our services if desired/possible. If you would like to set up direct billing for your center, we would be happy to discuss pricing based on desired testing and volume. Please contact your Account Manager.